Friday, 15 May 2015

1.10 Ancient Warriors Part 8

Just like Adalbern, Sir Gawain of Camelot is an impressive sight. Unlike the German President in his suit, he looks like what one would expect of him, a knight in shining armour.

He is almost as tall as Adalbern, an impressive feat considering that Adalbern is over eight feet tall, and is encased in a suit of magitek power armour. It is sleek and smooth and looks like a set of plate armour as it doesn’t need mechanisms that are required by power armour.

Normally I would compare suits of armour to my own, but I can’t help, but notice the similarities of Camelot armour compared to the armour used en masse by the Knights Hospitaller.

The Knight Hospitaller use powered armour that has a closer resemblance to modern ballistic armour while the armour used by the Camelotians is magically enchanted plate armour. The Hospitaller helmets are similar to great helms and the Knights have their order’s symbol on their chests, the Knights of Camelot have Barbute helmets and have personalised crests.

The Knights of the Round Table have also come armed. A broadsword is sheathed at Gawain’s side and a large heater shield, made of a strong, lightweight and magical alloy, is on his back. I’m barely able to glimpse Sir Gawain’s coat of arms on the shield.

I have no doubt that both have been magically enchanted just like Sir Gawain’s armour nor that Sir Gawain could wield that blade with ease with only one hand. He does have superstrength after all.

While his power set is very similar to Adalbern’s, Sir Gawain just doesn’t quite reach the same level of power. Unlike his German counterpart, the Knight can’t walk off a bomb despite his nigh-invulnerability. Neither is he as strong and his senses aren’t quite as developed. And unlike Adalbern, Sir Gawain appears to be slowly aging over time, if only by a couple of months each century.  

His entourage is following him whilst Narszara is in her old armour, chatting to Sir Gawain.

I can easily spot the wizard Narszara mentioned. He is wearing purple robes over more simple clothes and his hood conceals his facial features from sight, but I can make out some short black hair and possibly brown eyes.

The wizard is talking to mildly beefy male Knight, who has a simple sword at his waist and a round shield strapped to his back. Through his helmet, I can see a smiling and happy face.

Just off to their side is another Knight of the Round Table, an amazonian woman. She must be the one Narszara mentioned to have the ability to shapeshift into a werewolf.

At a glance, she is the most unusual. Her arms are bare of armour and a giant greatsword is resting against her back. No way would it fit at her side. Her eyes are yellow like a wolf’s and her hair goes down past her shoulders in a silver mane of tangled hair.

At the sight of Adalbern, a feral smirk appears on her face.

“Adalbern, ye beast,” laughs Sir Gawain, “A pleasure to see you again.”

I can see that Sir Gawain is still speaking in Old English as always. Of course that is what he grew up speaking so complaining he speaks like that would like complaining if an American speaks with an American accent or Australian spoke with an Australian accent.

“I see you brought a retinue with you as usual,” notes Adalbern, “And this must be the Narszara who Sentinel has been telling me so much about. We must cross blades someday shieldmaiden.”

“It would be a pleasure Eldar-Thariloth Adalbern,” answers Narszara and she bows before the immortal president.

“So will we be needed?” asks Sam, “Or can we go? I would much rather avoid politics if nothing interesting is going to happen.”

“And by nothing interesting, Lantern means everyone getting along and talking out any differences in a peaceful and reasonable manner,” says James, “He’d be all for staying if there was going to be shouting, conflict and hostility.”

“That’s the only side of politics that interests me,” Sam agrees with a grin and Britannia sighs.

“You could escort Sir Gawain’s retinue about London?” offers Adalbern, “I doubt they wished to be involved with politics as much as the rest of you. Britannia, Warden, my guards and whoever your Prime Minister brings should be enough protection and it would be better if the Camelotians have guides to help them avoid getting into any trouble.”

“Wilt thy proposal be acceptable?” asks Sir Gawain, “I mainly brought mine retinue out of tradition. It would be of the best if they were able to explore this city with ye as escorts.”

“Eh,” shrugs Sam, “Why not? It sounds like fun.”

“Sure,” says Skyler, “I never enjoyed politics.”

“I would much rather hang around,” admits James, “I quite enjoy the intrigue of politics.”

“I’ll go with them,” I say, “With Lantern and Commando, they’ll need a sane head to keep them away from any trouble.”

“If it please you milord, I would rather stay with this group,” asks Narszara, “I would like to speak with both Gawain and Adalbern.”

“Sure,” I tell her with a wave of my hand, “Don’t start any fights.”

“Just be back before the day is over,” says Britannia, “The Prime Minister and the other government officials will wish to speak with you. Make your acquaintance and all.”

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