Tuesday, 12 May 2015

1.10 Ancient Warriors Part 7

“That’s cynical,” I reply, “I’m sure that some people who are behind it for that reason, but the vast majority are genuinely good people who want to make the world a better place.”

“That may be true, but the people running the show won’t be like that,” says Adalbern.

“You would be surprised,” I say back, “A lot of those behind the initiative have intentions to avoid that sort of thing. After all, Sentinel Technologies is a major funder of the Defender Initiative and provides them with a lot of their equipment. Other funders, such as the William Enterprise and King Incorporated, are making sure that the initiative won’t go rogue either. If anyone tries to use the Defender Initiative for nefarious purposes, they’ll find me standing against them in more than one way. And that’s not including all the other heroes you would help. But that is unlikely and the Initiative does a lot of good.”

“So why haven’t we joint it then?” asks Sky.

“Given the League’s organisation and connections, there’s too little gain for the restrictions we would receive,” I answer her, “Better to be an important backer than an important member.”

“Wait a moment,” says Sam suddenly, “You been testing Narszara’s limits right?”

“Yeah,” I reply, confused.

“So you weren’t kidding about firing a nuke at her face then,” continues Sam.

“Of course I wasn’t,” I reply.

Adalbern bursts out into laugh while Aunt Mary shakes her head. One of Adalbern’s bodyguards rests their head in their hands.

“Where have you been detonating nuclear weapons Sentinel?” demands Britannia, a dangerous look in her eyes.

“Deep below the base,” I tell her, “Nothing to worry about. Not only is it deep, but it is shielded against radiation. None gets in or out.”

“You better hope so,” grumbles Britannia.

“If it makes you feel better, I’ll check the radiation levels of the base when I get back,” I say before turning back to Adalbern, “Anything we should know about? Any supervillains showing up for vengeance? Any heroes wanting to stop you for your past crimes? Assassins trying to kill you over politics? Any bounty hunters after the price on your head?”

“None of those that I know of,” answers Adalbern, but he glances at the leader of his bodyguards, who shakes his head.

That is good news. Now just the powerful warriors of immense power and outdated versions of law and justice to worry about. All three of them.

Adalbern has mellowed out over the last few decades, I think, while Narszara will do pretty much whatever I say so I don’t really have to worry about them. That leaves just Sir Gawain. Hopefully he has gotten over his homicidal tendencies by now. He has always had a lot of those. 

So not much to worry about as long as everybody keeps in line.

“So how is your current Prime Minster?” inquires Adalbern.

For some reason the other Leaguers look to me. I personally put it down to being the most well informed and organised of us. Especially when it comes to politics.

After all, superheroes have to keep track of what way politics are going.

But our current Prime Minster, Allan Morse, is very reasonable when it comes to supers, effectively giving MI9 orders to handle things autonomously and has no problem with the privately owned League of Heroes as long as we don’t cause any trouble and don’t overstep our authority.

“He doesn’t really get involved in the affairs of the country’s superheroes so I have no idea of what he is like,” I answer, “We generally leave each other alone as long as neither of us cause any problems. Any I’m not really affected by the rest of his politics as I’m still just a kid.”

“He probably won’t talk about anything interesting then,” mutters Adalbern with a sigh.

I feel a presence on the edge of my mind, a grand and alien force probing against my mental defences.

Narszara? I inquire.

Aye Thariloth-Verigar, answers the presence.

Narszara voice rumbles throughout my mind as I lower my mental shield to let her in. Her presence engulfs me. It consist sheer power and not-quite-human feel is rather overwhelming, but I’m getting used to it.

I put the alien, but not inhuman feel to her down to her people’s confusing class of humans and her different context way of thinking to a normal human from modern Earth.

Narszara rolls back a bit as she feels my sense of being overwhelmed, but stays within my mind.

I send a mental probe to her and she starts speaking.

I am with Camelot-Regent-Camelot-Knight-Eldar-Gawain. He has brought three of Camelot-Court with him, Camelot-Court-Wizard-Evan-Gruffydd, Camelot-Knight-Brock-Mervyn and Camelot-Knight-Wolf-Etheldreda.

Narszara has a particular way of expressing things during mental contract. I can feel her mild amusement at that my thought.

Which of them have powers?

Camelot-Court-Wizard is strong-spell-caster as per his duties. Camelot-Knight-Wolf-Etheldreda has the same set-of-powers as friend-teammate-Night-Beast, but she is clearly wolf.

Good to know. How are you getting on?

Camelot-Regent-Camelot-Knight-Eldar-Gawain is a noble-and-honourable-man. With your permission, I will accept his offer to visit Camelot someday.

It strikes me that Camelot might be the only place on Earth that Narszara would fit in with the locals. Curiosity and a sense of appeasement emanates from her.

Where are you?

While I have asked Narszara the question, it is President Adalbern that answers my question.

“Gawain old friend!” exclaims Adalbern as a group of figures come into view as we exit the airport.

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