Friday, 17 April 2015

Second Web Serial - Legacy

Hello there. While I am pleased with where this story has gone, I'm not pleased with the beginning as it feels like a rereading of the start of the Legion of Nothing due to me taking excessive inspiration from it. Due to the poor beginning, I have decided to start another superhero story as while I am happy with where this story has gone in the end, I want a fresh start to use my improved writing skills. As a result, I have started my second attempt web serial, Legacy.

This story generally consists of concepts and ideas that I didn't use for League of Heroes since many of them were mutually exclusive. Rather than try and explain the world and characters all at once, I have attempted to start off based around a single character and build the story around that.

I hope whoever is reading this will follow the link and enjoys my second attempt at web serial. While I have decided to write my current web serial as the experiment that it is, I will still update until its end before switching my focus to Legacy. I hope to one day return to this setting once I have become more experienced author. 


  1. it was really too similar, but the character were developing well, the important thing is that you are still doing a super hero serial, so i can feed my addiction.

  2. I'm glad you're enjoying it.