Tuesday, 14 April 2015

1.9 Mad Beasts Part 7

Officers belonging to the Superhuman Intervention Division of the local police soon arrive on the scene to take the Mad Sisters back into custody, freeing Carrie and I to head home for the night.

Normally I would fly home in just an hour. But Carrie can’t fly and it would take her three hours at running at top speed to get back even ignoring the fact she would tire out long before managed to even get near home.

In the end we decide on me giving Carrie a ride and the two of us flying home together.

She can’t hold on to my legs or arms, Carrie would tire and/or lose her grip. If she was on my back, 
she would get roasted by the rocket pack built into the back of the Sentinel armour. Ultimately, it ends up with Carrie riding on my shoulders.

It feels weird to have girl sitting on your shoulders. At least Carrie transformed back, it would be too hard to try and fly whilst giving her transformed state a ride.

“This is fun,” says Carrie after a while.

“It feels strange for me,” I reply, “It doesn't feel right to have a girl your own age riding on your shoulders.”

“I guess,” mutters Carrie, “Can I ask you a question?”

“Sure,” I tell her. “Shoot.”

“You got a girlfriend right?” says Carrie, “So know about romance right. The real life kind, not the stuff you find in books or on TV.”

“I wouldn’t say I’m an expert on the subject,” I answer, “But I’ll answer any of your questions as best as I can.”

“Thanks,” replies Carrie, “There’s a boy at my school that I like. I mean really like. He’s cute, kind, caring and smart. But I don’t know how to get his attention. How did you and Judy come together?”

 “We first met in Year R, but we never really got to know each other until the start of junior school,” 
I tell her, “After that, we became friends in Year 3 and have been in the same class throughout junior school. At secondary school we were in the same tutor and shared pretty all of our classes. We only got together back in March.”

“So a long time friendship blossoming into a girlfriend-boyfriend relationship,” says Carrie, “That’s a lot different from whatever Marcus and I might have.”

“Yeah, it is,” I reply, “Would you like my advice on what to do?”

Carrie is silent.

“Umm, Carrie?” I prompt her.

“I nodded,” answers Carrie.

“I can’t see you, you know,” I reply dryly, “You’re riding on the back of my shoulders and I have to look ahead so we don’t crash.”

“How would you crash anyway?” inquires Carrie, “There’s nothing, but empty air up here.

“It’s the principle,” I reply, “Now, do you want my advice or not?”

“I would really appreciate it,” says Carrie.

“If I was in your position, I would just tell him how you felt about him,” I tell her, “Leaving it hidden away will just let things build up inside. Better to just let it out. If he rejects you, then you’ve found out before wasting too much of your time and haven’t had time to build your hopes up too much. You can just move on and get over it. He accepts, arrange a date or something. A simple way to solve the problem at its very core.”

“I don’t know,” mutters Carrie, “I see why you would think that way, but I don’t think it would work for me like that.”

“Suit yourself,” I reply, “Maybe one of the others will have good advice? You could ask someone back at base or tomorrow at some point.”

“Good work taking on Mad Dog,” I say as she remains silent, “You did well tonight.”


“Last night could have gone better,” notes Sam as we walk to school together the next day, “Thirteen officers are dead and even more wounded. The Mad Sisters broke out and even if you and Carrie did round them back up, it still doesn't look good.”

When I said we were walking, we both took certain methods to greatly shorten our journeys from our houses. Such as flight or getting a lift from your best friend who flies.

“At least it broke their credibility as supposed heroes,” I reply, “A part of their defence was that they were tricked by our foe and now that our foe has tried to violently break then out. And killed people in the process. The public won’t like that and the media is going to be even harder on them.”

“Our foe has finally decided to start taking lives,” says Sam, “Still no idea on whom it could be?”

“No,” I tell him, “But I do know that he’s self-reliant. He doesn't buy his materials and resources and prefers to use drones to do his bidding. I'm also certain he’s got access to Sektain tech after last night. Those scorpion drones definitely used that level of tech.”

“So scorpion drones are what we’re calling them.”

“Yup. I personally feel that our foe is not native to Earth or at least they have travelled through space at one point. But I feel that they’re more likely to be an alien than human at this point.”

“What about the next big thing coming up?” inquires Sam, “We can’t do much about our foe at this point so I feel that we should focus on what we can deal with.”

“The German President is visiting next week,” I reply.

Sam stops and turns to stare at me, “The Barbarian is coming here?” 

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