Friday, 10 April 2015

1.9 Mad Beasts Part 6

Mad Cat has slammed Carrie into the ground, slashing at her with her extended claws and Carrie lashes out in return.

Carrie is too close for me to use my sonics or lasers on Mad Cat without hitting her as well so I decide that momentum and hard mass are the way to go.

Firing up the rocket pack, I leap at Mad Cat and zoom straight into her. We both go flying and I struggle to stay into control of my flight with Mad Cat in the way.

I tumble and crash into the street while Mad Cat bounces across the tarmac in front of me.

“I got Mad Dog,” growls Carrie over the League communicator.

“I’ll take down Mad Cat,” I reply as I get to my feet.

Mad Cat is prowling on all fours in front of me, battered and bruised.

I adopt a defensive stance. No civilians are out at this hour in this normally quiet area of the country.
“Come on monster!” I broadcast over the armour’s PA system at Mad Cat, “I haven’t got all night!”

She snarls at me and pounces, but I’m ready. I throw a punch when Mad Cat is mere inches away from me. My armoured fist slams into her stomach and Mad Cat lets out a pained whine.

I ducked as the villainess flies over my head.

I hear Carrie yowl behind me and I spin around, ready to help her. She’s been knocked into the street and is getting to her feet.

But Mad Dog has already thrown a small, green car at her.

I really don’t want to find out how well Carrie can take a car to the face so I do the first thing that 
comes to mind.

I fly straight at the car. I can take the car dead on better than Carrie can and can shrug it off while she can’t.

The front of the car crunches inward as we connect. I’m shaken inside my armour, but grab it with both arms.

Carrie rushes in front of me, charging at Mad Dog.  Mad Dog dodges, but I toss the wrecked car at her.

I see Mad Dog’s eyes widen as she spots the car split-second before it slams into her. I don’t get time to do anything further before I feel something grab a hold of my right ankle.

Mad Cat.

Well, if she wants to play that game.

I fly straight up. I’m certain Mad Cat can’t take a fall from so high up as I can.

Once I’m over twenty metres above the ground, I shake my right leg. Mad Cat try to hold on, but she can’t a firm grip on the smooth armour.

It takes a moment, but Mad Cat falls.

Normally I would be worried if someone fell from this height, but I know for a fact that Mad Cat can take it in her transformed state even if she won’t be getting up anytime soon afterwards.

And who cares if she doesn’t?

I look down and search the street below for Carrie. I easily spot her battling Mad Dog in what I guess should be called claw-to-claw combat rather than hand-to-hand combat. Maybe?

Taking a couple of second to watch, I decide that Carrie doesn’t need my help.

While Mad Dog might have more field experience with her powers, Carrie has more control and has been training since she was little, like all of the new Leaguers. Not only that, but Mad Dog has spent that last month and a half imprisoned and it’s taking its toll on her.

As I watch for little longer, I notice another factor in the fight below. Carrie’s slashes are leaving bloody gashes in Mad Dog’s flesh, nothing too deep mind you. On the other hand, Carrie’s cos-mat costume is protecting her from Mad Dog’s attacks.

 I grin as Carrie gets in a good blow, leaving Mad Dog staggering backwards.

The villainess looks up at the now visible moon and simply howls at it. I stare at the monster. It’s shocking to see a person, even a crazed murder such as Mad Dog, reduced to the level of a feral beast.

I almost sigh in regret and pity as I fire all four of my electro-spyders at Mad Dog.

Mad Dog is about to pounce on Carrie when the spyders hit her. You can see Mad Dog being briefly electrocuted before she falls face first into the tarmac.

Now to check on Mad Cat. I drop down to the ground, stopping slightly above the ground before finally cutting the fuel to the rocket pack. Even in a suit of powered armour, I still dislike doing a complete fall from those heights as the impact can jolt you pretty hard.

Mad Cat is twitching a little and looks pretty banged up from the impact, but is still breathing fine.

Bending over her, I inspect her, trying to gauge whether or not she is out for the count.

I get my answer when Mad Cat tries to grab me weakly.

I stamp on her arm, bone crunching beneath my boot. Mad Cat whimpers momentarily before slumping into unconsciousness.


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