Tuesday, 7 April 2015

1.9 Mad Beasts Part 5

“Alex,” I call over my communicator, “We have a problem.”

“Drones trying to break out Vengeance?” inquires Alex, “Because you wouldn’t be the only ones to have that problem.”

“Four squadrons of three,” I tell her, “Ten are down, but five officers are dead and Mad Dog has escaped. Two of the drones also got away, but they’re damaged. Robyn Hood lost her bow and is out of arrows. What happened to the others?”

“Another dozen tried to breakout Nightmare, but Narszara wiped out in a few seconds,” replies Alex, 
“She even complained it was too quick and easy. Another twelve tried to free Avenger, but Lantern and Bolt took them out. There was also an attack on Forsworn, but they fended it off. They did have trouble mind you and some of the drones got away. The Defenders guarding Mad Cat didn’t do well. Three police cars and the truck were destroyed, eight officers dead and the other two need to go to hospital, Mad Cat was freed and is on the loose like her sister. Controller is messed up pretty badly. Spectre is out cold and needs to medical attention. Powerbeam is getting the injured officers to hospital. My guess is that the Mad sisters are going to try and link up. The others have to continue to escorting their prisoners so you and Night Beast are the only ones free to go after them. I’ll try and track the Mad sisters for you. Good luck.”

This is not good. We basically got a pair of psycho killer werewolves on the loose and only Carrie and I are able to hunt them down.

“Robyn!” I call to the Defender, “Mad Cat and Mad Dog are freed and only Night Beast and I are able to hunt them down. Can you handle the situation here?”

“Sure Sentinel,” replies Robyn over my communicator, “I wouldn’t be much help to you anyway without my bow and arrows.”

I switch my communicator to a private League channel and call Carrie.

“Night Beast,” I say, “We got to bring in Mad Dog and then go after Mad Cat. You okay?”

“I’m fine,” answers Carrie, but she doesn’t sound fine.


“Yeah, but it’s pretty bad down here. People are dead.”

“All the more reason to make sure the bad guys don’t win.”


I land by Carrie. She is still transformed and trying to avoid looking at the wreckage of the police vehicles.

“Can you track which direction Mad Dog went?” I ask her.

“Give me a moment,” growls Carrie before sniffing the air, “I got her scent. She’s heading south.”

Carrie suddenly bounds off on all fours. Should I fly after her or converse rocket fuel and follow on foot? I decide on the latter option as I can keep up on foot and not being the air might help stop Mad Dog from spotting me too early.

I follow Carrie as she follows both Mad Dog’s scent and the trail of destruction that the crazed murderess has left in her wake. Nothing major, just things like paw print dents in the road, knocked over fences and broken branches.

“Sentinel,” calls Alex, “I got more information you might want to hear.”

“Go ahead,” I reply.

“Given their locations and the directions the Mad Sisters have gone in, it appears they are trying to link up with each other,” says Alex, “Whether that makes things easier or harder for you, I don’t know.”

“Thanks for the heads up.” I reply before ending the call.

Mad Dog and Mad Cat regrouping means we don’t have to track down each one separately, but if they’re together, they would much harder to take down. It comes down to it being quicker at the expense of winning being tougher.

“Sentinel!” shouts Carrie from in front of me, “Mad Dog is just ahead, but I faintly smell Mad Cat as well.”

“Alex just told me that they’re trying to meet up with each other,” I reply.

“Damn it,” curses Carrie, “So what do we do?”

“Same as usual, take them down with no civilian injures and minimal collateral damage,” I say, “We can take them so don’t worry. Just remember that they’re a lot worse than many of the villains and will happily across the line. Also, their claws and fangs can’t get through my armour and that means they can’t hurt me.”

“Got it Sentinel,” says Carrie.

Her earlier uneasiness seems to have turned into a burning determination to bring down the Mad Sisters. I can’t say I disapprove of that sort of attitude.

“One thing I don’t get is how the Mad Sisters lose control,” says Carrie, “Their powers are pretty much the same as mine, but I have complete control of my changed state while they seem to have none. I know I had some trouble early one, but I was barely ten at the time. By the time I started secondary school, I had pretty much total control over my transformation. Yet they lose it so easily.”

“Maybe they never got control in the first place?” I offer as we reach a village.

“I wonder if they even tried to bring it under control,” mutters Carrie.

I’m about to reply to that when something big and dark slams into Carrie.

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