Tuesday, 25 November 2014

1.4 Sins of Our Grandfathers Part 3

When I reach them, the situation is downright awful. The Bulk armour has lost an arm and is barely standing with the Mad Sisters circling Charlie. Storm Knight is down and I can see blood on the ground next to him. Bolt is staggering backwards, blasting away at Forsworn’s metal spikes and 

Avenger’s firebolts. Nightmare is walking up to Stefan, his hands transformed into bloody razor sharp blades.

The police are only just arriving and Narszara is still two minutes behind me.

I zoom at Nightmare before he can harm Stefan anymore. I slam into him and we crash into the wall behind Storm Knight.

I can hear bones crunching. I don’t care because Nightmare just tried to kill Stefan, my friend and teammate, and I know he can recover quickly with his shapeshifting. I look around and grab a few metal poles. I stab each one into Nightmare’s chest. He’ll have to pull them out and heal the wounds before he can get back into the fight.

I fly back out of the warehouse that we landed in and see Bulk crash into ground in front of me. None of the armour’s limbs are still working.

I spot Mad Dog a few metres away. I raise my sonics at her, but Mad Cat pounces on me.

The villainess slashes away at me, but my armour can withstand punches from Vistorix and her attacks don’t even scratch the armour. I grab one of her arms and twist it in what is certainly the wrong way. Mad Cat screams in pain and I fire my sonics into her face at point blank range. Mad Cat slumps and I throw her into a wall just in time to see Mad Dog rushing me.

I fly up into the air and Mad Dog smashes into the ground where I was. I fire both sonics at her and Mad Dog yowls. Before she can recover, I drop and stomp her into the ground. She’ll be fine and if she isn’t, I don’t really care.

I jump off her, but before I can move, I’m bathed in flames.

Stupid Avenger doesn’t realise that the Sentinel armour has been fireproof since before the World War 2 ended. Granddad wouldn’t have survived if it couldn’t withstand a bit of fire.

I use my HUD to see through the blaze. Forsworn is trying to use his powers on me despite any decent set of power armour being immune to magnetism.


“It’s not working!” shouts Forsworn.

“My wrath is doing nothing!” snarls Avenger in reply, “Try the explosives.”

Forsworn throws a handful small of explosive balls at me. I know because my HUD identifies them as my own creations.

I send the deactivation codes to them. As Avenger stops his flames, the balls hit me. They bounce off of the armour harmless.

“What £$%*?” says Avenger, “You used duds!”

“I did not you moron!” yells Forsworn back.

“Don’t use my own tech against me if you want it to work,” I say as I fly into the air.

I spot Vance behind them. His cos-mat costume and powers protected him from the worse of Avengers flames. Stefan is still down. Charlie is personally okay, but the Bulk armour is junk right now. Just me to take on these two until Narszara arrives.

“Your tech?” mutters Forsworn, “Damn it!”

“Get him!” yells Avenger.

Forsworn summons a swarm of metal spears whilst Avenger’s hands light up with fire. I prepare to attack when I hear Nightmare waking up behind me. Mad Dog is struggling to her feet.

Four to one is a lot worse than two to one especially when that four is a team of highly experienced killers. At least none of them can fly. I really like having that advantage.

Unless Nightmare grows wings or Forsworn uses a metal platform. Then I’ll really be in trouble.

“You’re not going to win this,” I shout, “I’m wearing Class 4 power armour. Narszara is almost here and both Britannia and the Aquiline will be here in less than half an hour.”

Avenger and Forsworn exchange worried looks. I’m about to fire my sonics when Forsworn grins savagely.

“You won’t kill us,” he laughs, “You’re too weak! You won’t even hurt us too badly because you’re so soft!”

Next thing I know, Mad Cat and Mad Dog have jumped up and each grabbed one of my legs. Between the two of them, they’re pulling me down.

Forsworn sends the metal spears at me, but they barely dent the outer armour. That’s when they start spinning. Forsworn is using them as drills.

I’m not worried. I know the metal will break before the armour does.

I’m finally pulled down by the Mad Sisters. Then pin me down and are too strong for me to break free. Forsworn and Avenger stand over me, both are grinning like the madmen they are.
Nightmare walks over to them, his face furious.

“This is the Sentinel?” he scoffs, “I guess it was to be expected he would defend his criminal pals from justice.”

“Justice for what?” I yell at them, “Being born?!”

“They need to pay for their grandfathers’ crimes,” says Avenger, “Don’t you realise that Sentinel? After all, your own grandfather fought to stop theirs.”

“I’m a hero unlike you as was my grandfather,” I retort, “You talk of criminals yet you’re the ones committing the crimes here. Assault and attempted murder this night alone! Not to mention you armed Hall and Edison’s people with all of that firepower!”

Confusion appears on their faces at my last sentence. Something isn’t right I realise.

Before I can anything else a strong gush blows against us, staggering Vengeance. A barrage of flames bombards us.

Vengeance leaps back to avoid getting burn. The Mad sisters are snarling, Nightmare has his hands as blades again while Forsworn has his spears around him again.

I hear a familiar battle cry and look up.

Narszara is swooping down; flames surround her while her sword is drawn in her right hand. 

Friday, 21 November 2014

1.4 Sins of Our Grandfathers Part 2

“Look out!” shouts Vance as I hear fire crackling and metal screeching.

“Narszara!” I call as I send out a yellow alert, “We have to help them!”

“We shall put on our armours and fly to their aid,” declares Narszara as she puts on her still damaged helmet.

I dash for the lab as I hear fighting breaking out for the others. As I run, I go through a mental checklist of Vengeance’s members.

Nightmare likes to terrorise people who have been accused of breaking the law. Preferably by breaking into their homes and threatening them in front of their families.

Mad Cat and Mad Dog are twin sisters who both can change their form, into a werecat and weredog respectively. Sort of like Carrie except she doesn’t lose control like the Mad sisters like to. They generally brutally assault murderers, wife beaters and other crimes of that calibre they claim. 

Not that I personally consider hitting your wife to be as bad as murder even if I still strongly disapprove of domestic abuse.

Avenger can shoot fire from his hands. He likes to burn up murderers and attempted murderer. He also includes those that have committed manslaughter as members of the first two groups.

Forsworn can control metal. He prefers to go after petty criminals such as thieves and speeders. Fortunately the Sentinel and Bulk armours have contained trace amounts of metals for a while now, instead relying on a ceramic that my granddad and the first Bulk came up with following the Invasion.

Shade is the final member of them and only decent one. He can phase and travel through shadows. He can also make darkness solid. Like hard light except it is more hard dark than light. He likes to go after mobsters, gangster and other parts of organised crime. He is also the only one that rarely kills. When he does, his victims really deserve it or innocent lives are at stake.

Despite almost all of them being monsters, a large amount of the public supports them for some inexplicable reason that is beyond my ken.

Despite neither granddad or me selling equipment to supers like them, they have still acquired some of my tech somehow. Part of me wants them to try and use it against me so they can find out what happens when you use someone’s own inventions against them.

I’ll bet they’re going after us because of Charlie and Stefan. People like Vengeance have no problem with going after the families of criminals how wrong that is.  They probably want to punish Charlie and Stefan for the crime of being related to their grandfathers.

At this point, I’m already suiting up. Just as the process finishes, Narszara rushes into the lab, wearing her armour and armed with her green-bladed sword.

“Are you ready milord?” ask Narszara.

“Yes,” I reply, “I’ll take me seven minutes to reach them at full speed.”

“I will take me ten,” says Narszara, “If you go first, I will arrive second. We cannot afford to fly together.”

“Agreed,” I say and we run for the closest exit.

Once up in the air, it occurs to me I haven’t called the police, MI9 or the Defenders.

“Norris Oakley,” I hear him say after he answers his phone.

It was easy enough to find his personal mobile number.

“This is the Sentinel,” I say, “Vengeance has ambushed Bulk, Bolt and Storm Knight in Portsmouth. Narszara and I are flying to them.”

“Those American thugs here!” exclaims Oakley.

“Yes, I need to make some other calls,” I say before I hang up.

“Agent Lewis?” I say as I once I called our MI9 liaison.

“Yes Daniel?” replies Lewis, “Bulk, Bolt and Storm Knight are investigating the weapons warehouse in Portsmouth right?”

“It was a trap set by Vengeance,” I reply, “Narszara and I are flying to help them now.”

“Damn it!” shouts Lewis, “This is not going to go well. Especially with the Americans.”

“I’m going to call the Defenders now,” I say before hanging up again.

“Hello Daniel,” says Aunt Mary as she answers.

“Mary,” I say, “Charlie, Vance and Stefan were investigating a suspected weapons warehouse in Portsmouth. It turned out to by a trap by Vengeance. Narszara and I are heading there now to help them.”

“Vengeance?” says Mary, “&*%$!”

That startles me. Aunt Mary never swears unless it’s really bad.

“I’m not going to bother telling you to stay away and wait for back up,” says Mary, “Just be careful. I’m not going to get there in time. Only Britannia can. But even then she’ll take fifteen to twenty minutes. How close are you?”

“Just over four minutes out,” I reply, “Narszara while be a couple of minutes behind me.”

“Try not to die,” says Mary wearily, “And call Laura.”

“Good idea,” I say before cutting the connection and dialling Laura Aquiline.

“Yes Daniel,” says Laura as she answers

“Vengeance has ambushed Charlie, Vance and Stefan in Portsmouth,” I say to her.

“I’ll be there in half an hour,” replies Laura, “Try to keep all of you alive and don’t worry about hurting any members of Vengeance. They deserve whatever get.”

As Laura hangs up, I get a call from Sam.

“What’s going on?” demands Sam, “You just sent a yellow alert.”

“Change it to red,” I say, “Vengeance has ambushed the others in Portsmouth. Britannia is twenty minutes away and Laura is thirty.”

“I’ll be there as soon as I can,” replies Sam, “Give them heck until I get there.”

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

1.4 Sins of Our Grandfathers Part 1

“How is the patrol going?” I ask Charlie over his League communicator.

“Fine,” answers Charlie, “How’s Narszara doing?”

It has been two days since Narszara arrived. Since then, I have been helping her with repairs to her armour. We have come to the agreement that even once her armour is fixed, she will still wear cos-mat beneath it.

When it comes to more casual clothing, I was going to order clothing better suited to her like, I don’t know, fur coats or something made of leather? Instead Narszara has convinced me that if I got her the raw materials, she could make her own clothes to wear and that she would be happier with that.

Meanwhile we received an anonymous tip off about a weapon storage warehouse in Portsmouth. So we informed MI9 and the local police and decided to investigate it. Charlie, Stefan and Vance when out together to investigate it.

“She’s still uncomfortable with being outside of her armour,” I reply.

“Despite being the hottest girl in the League,” Stefan cuts in.

“Don’t let her hear you say that Storm Knight,” jokes Vance, “Lantern barely survive intact even with his powers.”

“None of us were expecting that,” notes Charlie.

“In fairness to Narszara, she did warn us before she came out,” I point out, “And she is clearly embarrassed when outside of her armour.”

“True,” admits Charlie, “Hopefully the two of you will get her armour fixed soon.”

“Almost done even if we won’t get as good as new,” I reply, “We have repaired the holes where she got injured and most of the dents and scratches. Only some of the outer plating and her helmet need to be finished. Narszara is working on them now. Have you found the site yet?”

“I can’t help, but feel that we’re being watched,” comments Vance, “And no, we haven’t reached the site yet, but we are almost there.”

“Yeah,” says Charlie, “By the way, I also feel uneasy as well.”

“The fact it is getting dark doesn’t help,” mutters Stefan.

“I know it’s late, but if anything does go wrong, Narszara and I are ready to come and help,” I tell them.

“Good because this feels like a set up to me,” says Vance.

“Good luck,” I say before cutting the signal.

I pause for the moment. Might as well get an update from Narszara. It’s not like I got anything better to do.

“Narszara,” I call over the bases internal communication system.

“Yes milord,” replies Narszara, her face appearing on a section of the main screen in front of me.

“How is your armour coming along?” I ask.

“It will be finished before dawn,” replies Narszara, she pauses before speaking again, “How do the others feel about their mission?”

“They feel uneasy about it,” I answer, “Why?”

“I feel the same,” explains Narszara, “I am certain is a trap.”

“A trap?” I repeat, confused.

“Aye,” says Narszara, “First you faced villain Vistorix. His mission remains unclear. Then after you stopped him, robbers with powers and weaponry attack. Weaponry that they should not have had and must have been given to them. Yet not enough to draw undue suspicion. I believe that was to draw some of you out and to slay you lest you interfere with their plans further. Then, while the League is all still live and stronger than before, we receive a tip off about the unusual weaponry used by the robbers. On that, we all feel uneasy about it, but we cannot afford to ignore it and must act upon it. In addition, its danger means that the watchmen cannot deal with it and its location means we, not the Albion Defenders, are closer and respond to it. As a result, we send a small force out at dark and quite far from our base and the rest of us. Plus most of those that did not go will be busy or unaware of any trouble that may occur until it is too late to act. So yes, I believe it is a trap set by a force with hostile intent and is attempting to remove or weaken the League so we cannot oppose it and its plans.”

I freeze. So that is what has been bugging me and Sam ever since Hall and Edison’s attempted robbery last Friday. Of neither of us figured it out like Narszara despite our suspicions.

“Darn it,” I curse, “You’re right. How close are you to finishing your armour?”

“Part from the helmet, only one dent requires repairing,” answers Narszara.

“Good,” I say, “Put on your armour once you’re done. We need to help the others.”

“We should warn them first,” suggests Narszara.

“Good idea,” I say, open the channel with the others, “Bulk, Bolt and Storm Knight, it’s a trap. We’ve been set up.”

“What do you mean it’s a trap?” inquires Charlie.

“Your friend is right,” rasps another voice.

I can barely hear it, but the speaker has to right on top of Charlie for him to overhear Charlie and for me to hear him.

“Oh £$*&, it’s Nightmare,” says Stefan.

I also curse though my language is polite than Stefan’s. Nightmare is a Class 3 with shapeshifting. What is worse is he is part of a six-person team known Vengeance.

Vengeance is made up of darker and vicious superheroes from America. And when I say heroes, I mean they got better PR than the villains that they fight and don’t go after the innocent.

Most of the time at least.

The old League members hate them and so do I. ‘Heroes’ like them are grim and dark and have no qualms with casual killing and generally don’t care about the crime as long as their victim is ‘guilty’.

And too often they take it upon themselves to decide who is guilty and who is not.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

1.3 Dragon Knight Part 6

“You broke Britannia’s arm?” I say blankly, staring at Narszara, “How?! She has nigh invulnerability.”

“She attempted to hold me in place with her hand on my shoulder,” says Narszara, “I tackled her. I bent her arm and it snapped under my strength. I then tossed her into the wall. I once again declared my intentions again and left.”

“I see,” I reply despite not really understanding.

I wonder how power she really is. At first I figured she was a Class 1, a human with some above average abilities, but not being actually superhuman. I would count as a Class 1 without the Sentinel armour on.

But Narszara proven to be really tough to point she could keep fighting her injures and dismiss them as minor. Plus she has to be pretty strong to be walking around in that heavy unpowered armour. But she just took down Britannia, a Class 5. Now I’m thinking she might be a Class 2.

Class 2s have either weak or useless abilities or ones which supplement their normal class 1 abilities. I’m thinking that Narszara is one of the later Class 2s despite being strong enough to break the bones of someone with nigh invulnerability.

Unless she has some other abilities we don’t know about yet in which case her Class will be even higher.

Laura and all of the other Aquilines are Class 1s and they’re the most feared supers in history. Maybe Narszara is like that. After all, I’m certain Laura could easily take Britannia.

But Narszara claimed to have bent and snapped Britannia’s arm. Laura or any of her kin couldn’t have done that.

“I’m going to have to test your abilities at some point,” I tell her.

“I understand,” replies Narszara.

“So what is it that you want to talk about?” I ask her.

“I wish to talk about my new home and duties,” says Narszara.

She looks around her a moment before continuing.

“Now I am trapped in this realm and you are my Thariloth,” she says, “I am in need of a home and I believe this undar’delore fortress is the best place for me to stay. I therefore request that you please show me my new quarters so I may begin settling in.”

“Anything else?” I inquire.

“As has been mentioned, my armour has suffered much damage in the course of my fighting,” replies Narszara, “I will need to take if off and inspect it. In addition to making the necessary repairs, I will require clothing to wear as I have none of my own with me.”

“I’m sure Skyler or Lucy will help with that,” I assure her.

“Thank you milord,” says Narszara, “With your leave, I shall find Skyler and Lucy to assist me.”

“I’ll show you to your quarters first,” I say, “It’ll be small, just big enough to fit in your bed, a desk, some drawers for clothes and a chest to store your items in. Roughly two metres wide and three metres long. It was built for functional purposes not comfort.”

“That will suffice fine,” says Narszara, “My private quarters only have to provide a place to sleep and store my private belongs.”

I lead Narszara through the corridors of the base. A stranger might easily get lost once leave the main section of the base, but after years of being here with granddad and being the one operating the place after his death, I know the place like the back of my hand.

“So here it is,” I say once we reach Narszara’s new room, “Will you be able to remember where it is?”

“My memory is impeccable,” replies Narszara, “I shall not forget this location or any others.”

“Good,” I say, “Lucy and Skyler should still be in the main room.”

“I shall find them,” says Narszara.


“Is she ready yet?” asks Charlie as we wait outside Narszara’s quarters.

It’s been roughly four hours after Narszara arrival and everybody has shown up to see her. She has spent most of that time in her quarters after Lucy, Skyler and Aunt Mary helped her pick out some clothes for when she wasn’t wearing her armour. For what she said, she was using the computer in there to learn about the Earth or at least our version of it as Narszara seems to have been to some alternate ones.

“She should be coming out soon,” I say, “It’s quite obvious that she dislikes being out of her armour so I doubt she’ll be conformable in normal clothing or even cos-mat.”

“She’s surprising good looking under there,” says Skyler, “I’m little jealous to be honest.”

“You look fine,” says Samuel, “Personally I’m looking forward to seeing what she looks out of that armour.”

“Narszara looks like a Norsemen or something like that,” I say, “Vance looks the most like her.”

“She doesn’t act like a Viking though,” says Lucy, “More like a knight or paladin. Though she did take out Britannia kind of like one.”

“The fact she took down Britannia is all over the news,” says Helen, “Everybody speculating about it. Especially on the Cape and Cowl website and other super focused ones. I think that Restorer mentioned it on social media or something.”

“I didn’t know you read that,” says Sam surprised.

“My mother is a superhero,” says Helen dryly, “And I’m one now as well as I like to keep track of what people are saying.”

“Good point,” concedes Sam, “It just doesn’t seem like your sort of magazine.”

“I’ll give you that point,” grins Helen.

“I am ready to present myself,” says Narszara from inside her room, “Anyone who laughs or makes fun of me shall be punched and harmed.”

“Sounds fair,” mutters Stefan.

“No one will tease you Narszara,” says Carrie soothingly.

“Fine,” grumbles Narszara as she opens the door.

I’m fairly certain most of our jaws dropped. I know mine did.

Narszara is wearing a green cos-mat costume that leaves her head uncovered. A belt with her sword and scabbard is around her waist. It’s also rather skintight in a manner that really shows off Narszara’s rather...curvaceous body shape.

It also shows off her muscles and strong and healthy body. Of course that doesn’t stand out as much because we were all expecting it. Her curves on the other hand were completely unexpected as they were totally hidden beneath her armour.

Narszara continues to be full of surprises. I wonder what else about her is still hidden.

“Man,” says Stefan while Sam barely suppresses his laugher, “You got curves. And such a large chest. No wonder Skyler was jealous.”

Pretty much all of us glare at him. Then Sam breaks out in laughter.

Narszara lunges at him.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

1.3 Dragon Knight Part 5

We all turn to face Britannia as she storms towards us. At the moment, she is rapidly becoming one of my least favourite heroes. Following her is Kennet, Aunt Mary, Green Knight and Restorer.

Restorer is one of the nicer heroes you’ll ever meet. He wears simple white cos-mat costume with a red cross on his chest. Like with many heroes, you can only see his eyes and lower face. He has healing powers that he saves for the more serious cases as too much wears him out.

“So this is the Narszara that Inspector Oakley told us about,” muses Green Knight as they walk towards us, “She looks as impressive as we were told.”

“And as badly hurt,” replies Warden, “Good thing you came Jon.”

“I am fine,” snorts Narszara, “I have only minor wounds at most.”

“You call that a minor injury?” asks Restorer as he walks towards her.

He’s pointing to her left leg.

“Yes,” answers Narszara bluntly.

“You’re either really tough or crazy,” says Green Knight, shaking his head.

“She’s tough,” I say, “But crazy is relative.”

“What about you?” asks Warden as she stands by me.

“I’ll manage,” I reply in a quiet voice, keeping my eyes off of Colonel Gorlack.

“Enough,” says Britannia, “Restorer, heal the girl then we can figure what happened and what we’re going to do next.”

“Fine,” mutters Restorer, “Narszara, can you take off your armour so I can have a better look?”

“No,” retorts Narszara in a harsh voice, glaring at Restorer.

I wonder what the problem could be before it hits me.

“Narszara,” I ask tentatively, “Are you wearing anything under your armour.”

“No,” says Narszara, “Of course not.”

Restorer mumbles something and looks embarrassed from what I can see of him.

“Can you still heal her?” asks Britannia.

“Yes,” answers Restorer, “I’ll just be harder. And won’t be as good a job.”

“I can heal myself,” offers Narszara.

“How?” someone asks.

“Magic,” answers Narszara.

Normally that would sound like a silly or joke answer, but Narszara says in such a deadly serious voice that you can’t help, but take seriously.

“Go ahead,” says Restorer, taking a step back.

Narszara mutters a couple of words.Wazz-ale? Her injuries mildly glow gold light. Her body repairs itself in a couple of seconds. When the glow is gone, you wouldn’t have realised she had been injured if it won’t for the damage her armour has suffered.

“That’s nifty,” says Stefan, “I like the idea of having someone with mage as part of the League.”

“She’s joining the League?” asks Warden.

“She’s one of the good guys, she has sworn loyalty to Sentinel and she’s trapped here since the portal has closed,” Sam points out.

“Good points,” says Warden, “Will she have a secret identity?”

“No,” answers Narszara, “I shall need no such thing.”

“You’ll just live here then?” I ask.

“If that is agreeable,” answers Narszara.

“It is,” I reply, “We got plenty of spare rooms here for cases like this. We also got some spare clothes for you to wear until I fix your armour.”

“Thank you milord,” says Narszara.

Stefan rolls his eyes. Narszara ignores him.

“You guys want to question Narszara now, I’m going to shower,” I say to the Defenders, “Then I got write police statement and finish my science homework.”

“We only got that science homework today,” protests Skyler.

“And I’m already half done with it,” I reply as I turn around, “Bye.”

I leave the room as Narszara, the League and the Defenders start talking again. After today’s events, I got pretty sweaty and a bit of vomit on me. Plus I have been meaning to have one for a few days now as my last was on Saturday morning. Can’t believe I haven’t had one yet.
I spent about five minutes showering before I realised I still need to finish my homework so I could get home on time. Mum is expecting me back at four.

As I finish getting dressed in the changing room, I noticed someone waiting outside.

“Yes?” I say as comb my hair.

It’s starting to get a bit long. I ought to get it cut soon.

“It is I,” says Narszara as she looks into the room.

“Is something wrong?” I ask as I look up at her.

I notice that she’s not wearing her helmet. Her face has a distinct Viking warrior look to it or at least something like a harden Scandinavian. I can tell after spending plenty of time with Kennet, Vance and their family. Plus that was that one time with a time travelling Viking longboat. Please don't ask.

Her hair is dark brown and tied back in several braids. Her eyes are sky blue while her left cheek has what looks like a scar from the bullet that pierced her helmet. Otherwise Narszara’s face looks rather rugged.

From what I can tell of her, she looks like a Viking or Norse warrior, but acts like a chivalrous knight. She also has a dragon-like feel to her which I can’t quite place.

She smiles at me and walks in once she sees I’m dressed.

“I wish to speak with you milord,” says Narszara.

“I thought the others wanted to speak with you,” I reply in confusion.

“They did, but I made my intention to speak with you clear,” explains Narszara.

“I didn’t think someone like Britannia would let you,” I say, still confused.

“She did not, but after I broke her arm when she attempted to stop, none of the others dared try to do the same,” Narszara continues explaining.