Friday, 27 February 2015

1.8 Assassins Part 3

Most of them have come. There is Britannia, Warden, Dreadnought, Green Knight, Merlin, Robyn Hood, Dreadnought, Multitude, Spectre and Eternal.

Ten of the thirteen Albion Defenders. Well, they are based nearby enough so they would have left London when I started fighting Nightblade.

Britannia and Warden are flying while the rest are in one of the Defender jets, a lesser copy of the League jet.

I look back down at Nightblade. He’s running in the opposite direction of the Riley house.

I land on the ground and Britannia flies down next to me, gazing her sister’s house. She looks uncharacteristically vulnerable.

“So now what?” I ask her.

“I don’t know,” mutters Britannia quietly, “I never, it’s just... I never expected this to happen. I just don’t know what to do.”

You can hear the hopeless despair in her voice.

“They could stay at the base,” I say, “We got more than enough room and they would be totally safe. And once things settle down they could always go and live somewhere else if they wanted to.”

She looks at me before sighing in regret.

“I’ll speak with my family,” says Britannia, “Thanks for the offer.”

“That was good thing to do,” says Aunt Mary as she lands on the other side of me and Britannia walks towards her sister’s house.

“Yeah,” I reply quietly, “But the others don’t have a clue about it.”

“Spontaneous?” inquires Mary

“Yes, but I don’t regret it,” I tell her.

“We were discussing what to do about it when we found out about Nightblade,” notes Mary sourly, “We never even considered the possibly of someone going after her family or even bothered to post protection.”

The local police have now shown up.

“I’m going back home,” I say as I fly up into the air, “I need to speak with the others and I got stuff to do.”


“Did you even think to check with any of us?” demands Lucy.

We’re all sit around the table, all of the new Leaguers.

“I came up with the idea on spot,” I reply, “I wouldn’t change if I what I said even if I could. It was the right thing to do.”

Lucy looks ready to argue the point further, but Sam cuts in.

“I agree with Daniel,” says Sam, “I know how I feel if my identity was revealed and I would wanted to protect my family. I know you would all feel the same.”

“First they might not even stay here,” I say, “But if they do, we’ll have to find out how much they know about us. We’ll work out what to do from there depending on how thing develop.”

“Any idea who is behind it?” asks James.

“Britannia’s identity going public?” I reply, “Not a clue. I tracked the source down to being originally leaked in America, but beyond that nothing. My gut says it is whoever built the machine and placed the bounties on us is behind it. But that might be me just being paranoid.”

“It could be one of Britannia’s enemies responsible,” suggests Sky.

“What about Nightblade?” asks Sam.

“I believe he was hired by whoever was behind the leak,” I answer, “That’s the only way he could have been hired to go after Britannia’s family like that so soon. I’m not entirely certain Nightblade was trying to kill them by the way. He might have been trying to capture them, but I can say that for sure.”

“What were you doing over there so quickly anyway Daniel?” inquires Helen.

“I had help the police stop an armed fight between a couple of gangs in Salisbury when I found out about the leak,” I tell them, “The situation was under control there so I decided to make sure Britannia’s family was safe when I found out they’re details and addresses were leaked as well.”

“Lucky for them,” mutters Sky.

“So now what?” asks Sam as he looks around the table.

“We get on with our lives and wait for things to progress further,” I say, “And keep an eye out for Nightblade since he got away.”

We all get up. I head for the lab while the others go off in different directions, mostly to the exits.

“Daniel, wait up,” says Charlie from behind me.

“Yes?” I reply as I turn around.

“I want to talk to you about the Bulk armour,” says Charlie.


We both walk to the lab. Once inside, I sit down in the chair at the workbench, my usual spot in the lab.

“So what about the Bulk armour?” I inquire.

“Well I figured that as it is too big for anything apart from the big such we should adapt for the big stuff,” says Charlie, “You know, some of the stuff Grandpa had on his armour such as missiles and heavy weaponry. In case I have to fight anything like the Machine again.”

“That’s not a bad idea,” I reply thoughtfully, “I’ve been meaning to put some heavier firepower into the Sentinel armour for the same reasons. Last time I clashed with the Machine, I almost got killed. Only Darrac and Lanterns saved me from death.”

“The space pirate,” says Charlie with a nod.

“Right, I-” I pause as my communicator beeps.

It acts as my super advanced phone and is disguised as a smart phone. If people ask me what make, I tell them it’s a custom design I created myself. Which is true.

“What now?” I complain out loud to no one in particular. 

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