Tuesday, 24 February 2015

1.8 Assassins Part 2

It shows an American news report from a website. What the report is about makes me both angry and worried.

Britannia Revealed as Elizabeth Greene

That is bad. Really bad.

I read onwards. The rest of it is about Britannia, both her cape identity and her normal one. Including her personal details such as her facebook page, address and her family.

Not that I’m worried about Britannia. As a Class 5 flying brick, she can take anything her enemies can throw at her just as well out of costume as she can in costume.

Her family on the other hand is a different matter. They’re all non-supers living in Surrey.

I really ought to get over there and make sure no one goes after of them in light of this revelation.

I look down at the situation below. Most of the gangsters are in cuffs and there are about twenty officers on the scene now.

I zoom off towards Surrey. If I’m lucky, it’ll between fifty and sixty minutes for me to reach the house of Britannia’s sister.

I decide to spend my time on the flight looking up the information. The report is now circulating between countless news networks throughout the world, but as originated in America. Beyond that, I can’t find out any more information about its source, but my gut says it is my secret mastermind.

As for Britannia’s family, she has a sister called Jane Riley who married to a teacher called Mark Riley. They have two daughters, one twelve, the other nine, and a three year old boy.

All appear to be at home at this point in time.

I wonder whether they know about Britannia or this is a shock to them. I hope it’s the former.

If worse comes to the worse, I think they could live in the base. Granddad made it fully functional for people to live in there long term. In case something happened like League’s identities being discovered or a nuclear attack.

It has enough bedrooms, several internal power sources, an underground farm and forest, living space, an underground water supply and plenty of other stuff.

I receive no calls while I’m flying. I expect someone to call me about Britannia’s identity being revealed.

I’m actually a bit surprise when I reach Guildford, the town Britannia’s family lives, without anybody speaking to me. I expected at least Narszara or Sam to contact me.

Oh and if you’re wondering how I kept myself busy on the long flight, I just tried to solve some technical problems.

It’s about quarter to twelve now. I hover over the cul-de-sac where the Riley family lives. All of them are inside their house at the moment. I scan the area for threats as I think about what to do next.

Then I spot him. A man is sneaking along the rooftops in full black body armour and a black armoured mask. I recognise the assassin instantly.


He’s a former Australian commando from WWII. During the war he became an enhanced human like the Paragon or Captain Noble. He stayed with the military for a few years before becoming a mercenary and an assassin for hire.

He must be going after Britannia’s family.

But he couldn’t have gotten here so quickly after the news report, especially if someone hired him. If I had to guess, he was hired by whoever released the news report to the public. Probably so the public would understand who the Riley family were when they are murdered.

Not on my watch.

I zoom in at Nightblade as he tries to leap onto the roof the Riley house. I slam into him and we both crash into the middle of the cul-de-sac. I jump away from the assassin as we both get to our feet.

Nightblade draws a pair of blade swords, both customs. One side is straight while the other side is curved. The blades are just over two foot long while the hilts are like those of a katana.

Nightblade looks at me and dashes forward without a word. I block his with my fists. With my armour, I can block his blades with arms and legs.

I roll back and fire my lasers at his swords. One of the lasers cuts one of blades in half.

From then one we fight in the middle of the cul-de-sac, using a mixture of swords, martial arts and other forms of combat.

Nightblade has his swords, is an enhanced human and has decades of combat experience while I got the Sentinel armour and have been trained to fight by the world’s greatest fighter since about the time I started infant school.

It’s been a few minutes before the fight reaches its conclusion. I grab Nightblade’s unbroken sword with my fist and snap it.  Unfortunately this gives Nightblade an opening.

“Good skill,” says Nightblade in his gruff voice before he kicks me in the chest, sending backwards.

It would have worked if it weren’t for one little thing.

I can fly.

Using the rocket pack, I fly forwards through the air and aim my sonics at Nightblade as I do.

“I can fly dumbo,” I yell at him as I fire the sonics at him.

He tries to dodge, but Nightblade can’t move faster than the speed of sound.

He drops his swords as he staggers away. Nightblade draws a custom pistol from his belt and fires at me a few times.

The bullets ding off the Sentinel armour. I’m about to swoop down on Nightblade when the Albion Defenders arrive.

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