Friday, 23 January 2015

1.6 Pirates and Knights Part 2

“It is extremely important to understand the politics in space!” I yell at Sam, “It’s much more dangerous up there than it is on Earth and if you mess up due to lack of knowledge, it could easily get all of us killed!”

“Easy Daniel,” replies Sam, “Just give me the gist of it.”

“Fine,” I retort, “Small Sektain presences. Lots of different mutant alien warlords and pirates. Humans good warriors so many human mercenaries. Tarii Republic got lots of species and hates humans. Sees humans at rivals. Sangor powerful galactic police with lots of firepower. Knights have two colonises and large space fleet. Americans and British have second largest human space fleets. British space fleet depends on us. League respected, but has many enemies even as it has many allies.”

“Wait a moment,” says Vance, “What about us having enemies in space?”

“The Tarii and Sektain fear the League due to the old League defeating the Sektain Invasion,” I explain, “So they don’t like us and will oppose us. The Sektain with force and the Tarii by using politics and bureaucracy to get in our way through they won’t say no to killing us given a chance to get away with it. The warlords and pirates are hit and miss. Some like us for freeing them indirectly while some will hate us for whatever reason and the rest will treat as a potential threat or victim depending on how things go. The Knights and Sangor will be supportive of us and are our greatest friends up there.”

“So when are we going up?” asks Sam.

“Once you’re in costume,” I reply, “The ship will have helmets and oxygen tanks that you can wear and cos-mat clothing can serve as space suits. I’ll wear the Sentinel armour. It has about three hours of air and can operate in space. But I’ll wear a cos-mat suit underneath just in case.”

“How on Earth can fit three hours worth of air in the armour?” demands Sam.

“That would require a long and technical explanation,” I reply, “It works the same way the rocket fuel is stored.”

“Never mind then,” says Sam hastily, always eager to avoid technical conversations.

While they change, I go to the lab and put on a simple a black cos-mat that covers me up to my neck. If anything breaches the helmet while I’m in space, a mere cos-mat suit isn’t going to help.

Especially if I’m sucking vacuum.

As usual, I am the last to finish due to the process of armouring up taking just over two minutes. In fact, I have done it enough to know it take two minute and six seconds to two minutes and eleven seconds.

“So what’s the spaceship like?” asks Vance.

“Small,” I answer, “More of a small boat than anything. She was a gift from the Sangor after the League’s old complement of spaceships was destroyed during the Invasion. She’s not as advanced as Sangor tech, but definitely not from this galaxy.”

“Who’s flying?” asks Sam.

“I am,” I say quite loudly, “There’s only one pilot seat and she only needs one person to crew her.”

“So you’re flying as usual,” sighs Sam.

“Another thing Sam,” I say, “As long as you have your powers on, you can breathe in space.”

“Sweet,” grins Sam.

“So where exactly are we going?” asks Vance.

“New Valletta,” I reply, “It’s good to place to visit when it’s your first time in space. Well protected, friendly to the League, well-built and a good community. We should be able to avoid any pirates, warlords, Sektain and Tariias.”

“Wow,” says Sam as we enter the hanger containing the League starship.

The starship is a sleek, smooth black. As for shape it has roughly a semi-circle rear with a curved, streamline cockpit at the front. The hull is blends together well, appearing like one whole part despite being many from several. The black hull interspaced with glowing blue lines and two curved engines at the back that flare a light blue when active. The starship the size of a yacht and has an impressive arsenal and lots of hidden storage space.

I am so proud to own it.

“That is so awesome,” whispers Sam.

“She is a beauty,” agrees Vance.

“Come on,” I say as a ramp lowers just behind the cockpit.

After sharing a big grin with each other, Sam and Vance follow me onboard.

I take my place in the pilot seat. As granddad did all of the flying for the old League, the Sangor made sure the pilot seat could be comfortably sat in by someone in the Sentinel armour.

“How are the systems?” I ask the ship.

“All systems are fully operational and active,” replies a curt feminine voice with no visible source.

It’s a caring voice, but you can feel the hardness of a warrior behind it. It makes it impossible to forget this pretty vessel is a machine of war at heart.

Another unforgettable part of the voice is its peculiar accent. I can’t place it to any on Earth. It’s has high sounding capitals and vowels and curt Rs and Gs. Kind of like Narszara now I think about it.

“The computer can speak?” inquires Vance.

“Of course I can,” answers the voice.  

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