Sunday, 4 January 2015

1.5 The Machine Part 7

“Err,” I reply, confused by the request.

I’ve never expected anyone to ask me for my autograph. I honestly did not consider it at all when I became the Sentinel. Fortunately Narszara replies for me quickly, covering my surprise and lack of response.

“Aye,” says Narszara, “Neither of us would mind. Correct Verigar?”

“Yes,” I reply, “Do have some paper and a pen?”

“Oh yes,” says the woman and retrieves the items from her handbag, “I’m Agent Lauren Colbert by the way. I work for MI9 as a Class 2 Field Operative.”

“Do you see much action?” I ask in a friendly tone.

“Only a Class 3 situation at most if I’m unlucky,” replies Lauren.

“Do many other supers work at MI9,” I inquire.

“Just me, Oliver and Isabella,” answers Lauren, “Not many supers want to work for the government unless it’s for fame or glory. Others just want a quiet life.”

“I understand,” I say, “Most of them of those that do end up joining the something safer than MI9 or the Defenders.”

“Not normally I say you don’t understand, but I think you do,” says Lauren, “Now I got to get to my apartment. It’s only a few levels down.”

“Goodbye,” I say.

“Farewell,” says Narszara.

I give Narszara a hard look. It has just occur to me I know very little about her past.

“What was your life like before you came to this dimension?” I ask her.

“I grew up on the Buart Cil’lor with my family and kin,” answers Narszara as we look into each other’s eyes, “The Bright Glory is what it translate into. She is rather large by Norgardian standards, carrying over nine thousand crew. I hope to see her and my family again someday.”

Narszara pauses and I think I can see tears in her eyes.

“My family will believe me dead,” says Narszara in a weary tone, “My team was killed and I suffered much injury before I went through the portal and out of the fleet’s knowledge. If I was against Colonel Gorlack and his remaining guard on my own, I would not have survived. I would given him a good fight and wounded him, but I would have fallen and Gorlack would have escaped. That is why I am so grateful to you milord for slaying him. That and my fallen squad was avenged by your actions.”

“What were they like?” I ask her, “Your squad that is.”

“Surikos was my second in command,” replies Narszara thoughtfully, “He was the only other one with Magi. He would fight with a spear, one that would channel his power. He was gruff, but kind and caring about us. I mourned his death after Gorlack removed his head from his body. Laiana was a grand artist. She had greater passion for it than battle. She was gentlest of us and the weakest warrior. Stea and Ardi were very close and engaged to each other. If they had survived the final battle with Gorlack, they would have been married afterwards. Perhaps it was better neither survived instead just one. Ardi fought with his heavy armour, shield and blade while Stea wielded a crossbow and light armour. A magic crossbow with technologically advanced bolts. Ardi was rather jovial and greatly enjoyed sparring. Stea was more of a perfectionist. She would spend a lot of time down in the ranges, increasing her skill with the crossbow. Sometimes Ardi would wear his armour and shield and Stea would takes shots at him with her crossbow. I miss them all dearly.”

“I hope to find you a way home,” I say to her, but Narszara shakes her head.

“No milord,” says Narszara, “What would be best that if I acquired a means of contracting my family and kin to communicate with them.”

“I don’t really know what’s like to lose friends like that,” I sigh, “I no longer regret taking Gorlack’s life now.”

“You have lost your grandparents yes?” counters Narszara, “So you do know what it’s like to lose those you care about.”

I glance at James and Sky. They’re laughing together have almost finished while Narszara and I are barely half way through our meals.

“You ought to try out your starship,” says Narszara suddenly.

“Would you come along with that?” I ask her.

“Maybe,” replies Narszara.

“Why do you dislike not wearing your armour?” I ask her out of curiosity.

“In Norgardian culture, you generally wear your armour as your people wear clothes,” explains Narszara, “I have worn my armour for most of my life and feel exposed without it. As you would if you had to go out in public topless.”

“Nobody in our society would complain if you didn’t wear your armour all the time,” I say.

“It’s not only that,” continues Narszara, “I also dislike flaunting my body. My beauty and the attention it attracts are inferior to the attention that my skill and spirit would attract. And I dislike people staring at me as if I was a prize to be won. It is bad enough with Stefan and Samuel doing it and that is just within the League.”

“A lot of women feel that way,” I point out.

“And many more desire beauty and its attention,” disagrees Narszara.

After that we eat our meals whilst discussing ideas for Narszara’s armour. I wonder how I can improve Narszara's situation?

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