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1.1 New Beginnings Part 1

To all new readers, the first couple of chapters are worst and pretty unoriginal (see http://inmydaydreams.com/ for why I say original). I recommend skipping to 1.3 Dragon Knight as that is where things start to pick up in my personal opinion.

I looked up from my textbook as Samuel entered the room with James.

“Hey Daniel,” calls Samuel, “Been watching the news lately?”

“Not really,” I answer as I look back down, “I’ve got the first of my GCSEs coming up so I don’t much spare time between my homework and side projects.”

I frown. “You already know this through.”

“It’s though Daniel,” says James, shaking his head, “Not through.”

I let it slide. I got into the habit of pronouncing though as through before people noticed and started correcting me. Most have given up, but some, like James and my dad, refuse to let it go.

“So what are you two doing here?” I inquire.

“Getting ready,” answers Samuel, “We’re finally going out tonight.”

“Who?” I ask, already knowing the answer to both my question and the unspoken one.

“Me, Skyler and James are going out on patrol,” answers Samuel.

I give an exasperated hybrid of a sigh and a groan.

Unlike most people on the planet, almost everyone actually, Samuel, James and Skyler have super powers. I technically don’t have any superpowers however, unless you count that most advanced set of power armour that I own. I inherited it from my granddad, a member of the British military in WWII and one of the few respected and locally-accepted superheroes.

The same goes for James’, Samuel’s and Skyler’s granddads were also superheroes, part of the military unit as my own granddad later in the war and all four were founding members of the same superhero team.

Like some of their family members, the trio have all inherited their granddads’ superpowers at some
point in their lives. Skyler got hers earlier in the year. Samuel’s became fully unlocked on 14th birthday while James has had his entire life.

“Want to join-,” starts Samuel, but I cut him off.

“I like the armour,” I state, “But I'm not going out to fight crime. That’s when all the weirdness starts.”

“The rest of us are already weird by most people’s definitions,” says James, “So are you as a matter of fact.”

“I am not becoming a superhero!” I yell back, “This isn’t America where they have superhumans by the thousands. Here, like the most of the world, the laws are enforced even against superheroes.”

“What about the Albion Protectors?” inquires Samuel, “Isn’t your aunt Mary on it?”

“That’s her choice and no else in the family has made the same one,” I counter, “Besides, the Protectors, now known as the Albion Defenders by the way, are officially recognised and supported by the government.”

“Fine, have it your way,” answers Samuel, “I need to find our costumes now.”

“You mean the ones that you had me make?” I inquire, unusually rude about it for some reason, “Out of my granddad’s special material?”

My granddad made a special spandex-like material that was resistant to many attacks, such bullets, low level energy bolts and lasers, punches, falling wreckage and the like. Pretty much most of the stuff that supers encounter. Most supers, including a fair few villains, use it instead of spandex since the 80s, which was always the first choice before then. It’s called costume material or cos-mat for short.

“Yeah,” replies Samuel, clearly expecting an answer.

“I’ll wait until Skyler gets here before telling you,” I reply.
While I had my granddad’s Sentinel Armour and James has his telepathy and telekinesis, Samuel has Psionic powers. While he lacks any telepathy of any sorts, Samuel has had above average reflexes, speed and senses since birth, along with a strong resistance to telepathy, telekinesis and other psychic powers. Since his 14th birthday, he’s been able to activate the rest of his powers at will, a Psionic Field around him that allows for flight, super strength and nigh invulnerability. He also has a much better stamina while powered up. His normally black hair and brown eyes turn white and blue respectively, great for hiding his identity.

“Why do you want to go into superheroing?” I ask, “Astrid’s an actress while your own dad is a government agent.”

“I always wanted to superhero,” retorts Samuel, “You know that.”

“I was talking to James,” I counter.

“We need someone with telepathy,” answers Samuel.

“They need someone with sane head,” answers James.

“Well I won’t help with this madness,” I say, “We all know that vigilantism is illegal here in the 

“You don’t need to keep reminding us,” groans Samuel, “Besides you taken the Sentinel Armour out 
a couple of times.”

I ignore him. I think about how unlikely we would even know each other if it weren't for our granddads.

Our socially groups are very different, myself being one of the smart kids. Samuel is the loner sports guy while James is one of the popular, cool kids who has good marks and doesn't get in trouble. Despite this, we three, along with Skyler, are best friends.

I'm slim and lean with short blonde hair and blue eyes while Samuel is strong, muscular and wouldn’t exist if it weren't for his granddad being the first Lantern. In contrast with my own hair and eyes, he has thick black hair and brown eyes. James is also different with brown hair of arguably short length and knowledgeable green eyes. Many, if almost of all, of the teenage girls at our school claim that James is either hot, handsome or even cute.

Samuel begins speaking again, but only gets a couple of words out when Skyler enters the room.

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